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Are All Those Discount Plane Fares Really Worth It?

What’s the difference between budget and premium airlines?

The pandemic forced many countries to close their borders. Lockdowns left many people with no choice but to abandon their travel plans. As a result, many airlines, hotels, and restaurants had to close or file for bankruptcy. No one had any money to spend on plane fares at the time.

Nowadays, the virus is now under control. For the most part, anyway. Borders are open and travelers face fewer restrictions. Everyone’s excitement about traveling is understandable after two years of limited movement. Many are revisiting old plans. Others are adding new destinations to their bucket lists.

But before anyone can dive into a different culture or hit the beach, it’s time to talk about travel costs.

Promo plane fares can be tricky

Who remembers Air Asia and Cebu Pacific and their regular promo fares? That was a time when many stayed up late for a chance to book flights for a single peso. It was tiresome, but there was also a sense of accomplishment for the lucky ones who secured tickets.

I’ve been lucky enough to book several flights at discounted prices. I was happy because it meant more of my travel budget could go toward exploring wherever it was I decided to visit. But it also meant I had to pay for my choice of seat, extra baggage, and meals.

It all adds up. And the total may end up closer to the price of an airline’s regular ticket with inclusions.

Plane fares with the works

Anyone traveling with layovers knows that comfort and convenience are priorities. No one wants to worry about in-flight meals, baggage claims, and plane transfers. That’s why several airlines offer everything with their plane fares.

When I was planning a trip to Penang, I knew I had to be smart when choosing an airline. I was going there to visit a friend who asked me to bring her favorite Filipino foods. There was no direct flight to Malaysia, and I knew I’d have a lot of luggage.

Singapore Airlines has regular trips to Penang with a layover at Changi Airport. Meals for the flights to Singapore and Penang are part of the package. The airline also takes care of luggage transfers if a change of planes is necessary.

Singapore Airlines makes the best airplane food. Also, let’s not forget that Changi is the third-best airport in the world. The airport itself is a tourist destination that travelers can’t miss.

It’s all about your budget

Regardless of the airline, remember that it’s all about your personal travel goals. There are pros and cons for premium and budget airlines, with costs being the most obvious.

Promo fares are a godsend if your destination is a short-haul trip and you only plan on backpacking. If you’re going on a long-haul flight, the cost of flying with a premium airline is definitely worth it.

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So the question is, where are you planning to go?

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