brown wooden house on body of water under green sky

Post-Pandemic Soul-Searching Destinations

For more than a year, we’ve gone through numerous lockdowns and quarantines in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic. The travel industry took a particular hit, with many countries closing down borders to visitors. But now, with the hope of vaccines on the horizon, we could start to see vacation posts on Instagram in the near future.

If the pandemic has got you down like the rest of us, take a break and dream of where you could go with these soul-searching destinations that we’ve picked out just for you. 

Tokyo, Japan

Post-Pandemic Soul-Searching Destinations
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We don’t need to tell you why Japan is great, but there’s just something about the East Asian country that draws millions of tourists to the island each year (at least, before the pandemic). Its quiet charms and bright nightlife can be a refreshing relief from the many days we spent inside. Aside from that, Japanese cuisine is simply unmatchable — have a taste yourself!  

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam has always been known to be a carefree and liberal destination spot. Travelers can enjoy the city’s many museums, sprawling canals, and beautiful tulips (if you’re lucky to be there in the springtime). Additionally, Amsterdam’s bicycle culture compares to no other, which makes the clean air and fresh breeze a great change of pace for those who have gotten used to staying inside.

Reykjavík, Iceland

brown wooden house on body of water under green sky
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Go far, far away from the nightmare that was the 2020 pandemic when you enter into the idyllic town of Reykjavík. Check out the colorful Northern Lights, various historical museums, and famous Blue Lagoon for the ultimate escape from reality. ThoughIceland may seem too foreign for others, it’s a completely new experience that’s sure to get your travel bug itching.

Santorini, Greece

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Greece, and Santorini especially, has long been known as a popular vacation spot for visitors from abroad. Who could blame them? The villages in Santorini offer the most unbelievable views of sunsets and the sea, making you forget you were ever in quarantine in the first place.

Hawaii, USA

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Who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii? The tropical state is full of beautiful waterfalls and relaxing beaches that are perfect for a post-pandemic getaway. Tourists can expect to unwind with authentic poke, shaved ice, and stunning sunsets every day.

Remember to get both doses of the vaccine before you start thinking of traveling. Take care to also check for COVID-19 rules and guidelines on entering each country to ensure safety for all.

While the past year and a half has been a rough one, we hope that sometime soon, we can see all of these beautiful places and enjoy the world once again.


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