Department Of Tourism Launches New Campaign To Promote Sustainability

“Keep the fun going” when you explore the beautiful islands of the Philippines!

The Philippines has majestic islands with rich natural resources. It’s not surprising that tourists love it. But Filipinos need to do their part to promote sustainable tourism. That’s why the Department of Tourism launched the new phase of its Save Our Spots campaign.

It’s titled “Keep the Fun Going.” It aims to encourage tourists to preserve the environment when they travel. The SOS campaign began in 2019. The DOT has since stepped up its game. It has become more aggressive (in a good way, mind you) when promoting sustainable tourism.

Games for sustainable tourism

With threats like climate change affecting our ecosystem, being mindful is important.

The DOT introduced different challenges. They felt gamified experiences would motivate tourists to help the environment. The challenges are as follows:

  • The Certified Foot Soldier Challenge encourages travelers to bike, hike, or walk.
  • The Zero-Waste Warrior Challenge inspires travelers to reduce waste by avoiding single-use plastics.
  • The resTOURism Advocate Challenge encourages tourists to join community-based activities like clean-up drives.
  • The Eco-Staycationer Challenge motivates tourists to book green accommodations. Examples of those are ANAHAW-awardee hotels and homestays.

Participants must complete at least two challenges. They should post about them on social media with the following guidelines:

STEP 1. Take a photo of yourself doing the challenges.

  • For Certified Foot Soldier,  you may use an app to track or record your steps or bike ride as proof.
  • For EcoSDstaycationer, include a green practice of the establishment in your video. Camping trips and staycations in green hotels qualify.

STEP 2. Upload your photo. Put a geotag and write a short description.

STEP 3. Tag the DOT on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter.

STEP 4. Include the #KeepTheFunGoing and #ChallengeDone hashtags in your caption.

STEP 5. Tag 3 of your friends in your post.

STEP 6. Make sure to set your profile to Public so the DOT can see your entries.

What happens if you win?

They will announce weekly winners every Saturday. Two grand winners will win a FREE TRIP for two to Palawan. The DOT will contact them through Facebook Messenger.

It pays to be kind to the environment. After all, we get to enjoy it, too.

Featured Image Daniella Sison

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