The Seven Foods You Didn’t Know Were Destroying Your Teeth

It can be hard to keep track of which kinds of food are good or bad for your teeth. Everybody knows ice cream and hard candies are bad for your dental hygiene, but it’s good to learn about the other types of food that you probably didn’t know were harmful for your teeth!

Take it from us. Here’s the tooth, and nothing but the tooth!

Are You Bread-y for This?

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Probably one of the most shocking entries on this list of harmful food for your teeth, but it’s true! When it comes down to it, all of the gardenia, pandesal and sandwiches you’ve been eating are starches that break down into tiny simply carbs that will find tiny nooks and crannies in your mouth to linger in.

Take it from me. I love eating PB&J, but unfortunately, so does my mouth’s bacteria.

2. Orange Citrus Fruits Supposed to be Good for You?

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Don’t get us wrong! Especially in the flu season, citrus can be healthy for your overall health, fighting off viruses and germs and strengthening your immune system. Do think about your teeth the next time you bite down on that juicy Mandarin, though! You’re bathing your teeth in harmful acids that can break down your enamel.

Make sure to brush your teeth thrice a day, and especially after eating citrus-y fruits and foods.

3. Ice Ice Baby

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Ice? How can ice be harmful?

First off, chewing on ice is like breaking down hundreds of tiny little shards of stone with your teeth. Don’t do that to yourself!

Second, an even more dangerous possibility, having ice go against your teeth can permanently chip or crack a tooth. If this happens to you, it is recommended that you try and save that chipped fragment in a bag of milk and immediately bring it to the nearest dentist.

4. Cough Up the Coffee

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It can stain your clothes with marks that are impossible to get off, and the same goes with your teeth! What’s more, because of the way coffee can easily stick to your tongue and teeth, it can be a common cause of bad breath. Caffeine’s great and all, but it’s not always worth this hassle!

5. Wine All You Want, Alcohol’s No Good for Your Teeth

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Alcohol dries out the mouth, which is bad because your dental care needs your saliva to keep things moving and working. Without it, plaque and bacteria build up way easier.

Extra demerits for cocktails and wine as well! Cocktails are often acidic, breaking away at the precious enamel of your teeth, while wine, just like coffee, can stain your teeth beyond repair.

6. Stop the Pop!

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Pop as in popcorn, that is!

Picture this: You’re at the movies with your special other, and you’re both munching on popcorn. It tastes great, then suddenly, POP! A kernel in the bag’s found its way into your mouth, and you’ve bitten down on it, chipping your back tooth, punching its way through the cavity that you’ve formed by eating ice and drinking alcohol.

7. Breath Mints and Gums, Two Double Agents

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Maybe the most shocking offender on this list! Something made to make your breath smell better’s bad for your dental care?

Well, yes! Think about it. At the end of the day, no matter how minty it is, mint and gum are candies that you’re keeping in your mouth for as long as you can. Because of this, bacteria and germs have more time to grow and destroy your teeth from the inside!

What Can You Do About It?

Is the answer to never eat any of these foods again?

Non-sense! I’m sure that even my dentist can’t help himself but chew on the ice in his coffee every once in a while. The answer isn’t to avoid these foods altogether, but to make sure that you have the proper dental care needed to withstand these potentially harmful foods!

We recommend brushing with ​Oral-B​ twice or thrice a day. I’d also like to personally recommend their ​Charcoal White​ series with bristles infused with charcoal and angled to give you a deeper clean!


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