This Pinay has been living in a van-turned-home for the past two years

Image from Instagram: @phoebekhins

And she doesn’t regret a second of it; in fact, freelance makeup artist Phoebe Leonor is living her best life on the road.

Considering it wasn’t a typical choice of residence, Phoebe knew there’d be struggles at first, but she loved the van so she just kept at it. In her YouTube channel, @phoebekhins, she shares the process of turning her 1996 Kia Besta van into a livable mobile home, as well as the experience of spending her days in it.

And that’s where she’d rather be because it’s furnished with more than just the basic appointments. Aside from essential bedding, latrine, sink, stove, and storage, she even has custom air-conditioning and solar cells installed for additional power. And it doesn’t look half-bad either; the Tiffany blue interiors and the Bohemian ambiance more than makes up for the lack of your usual legroom.

Everything else, she either brought with her or collected, quite literally, along the way. 

The customization set her back by at most PhpP250,000, which pretty much hits all marks considering her address is now wherever she stops over. Upkeep for the past two years has cost around the same.

But overall, those are just cheap changes compared to the freedom and fun she gets to experience while exploring the world.

You can catch her in her next destination on her YouTube channel at Just think of her vlogs as convenient crossover episodes of both “Pimp My Ride” and “Cribs”.


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