Top Beach Essentials For Your Next Trip

Planning to go on a beach trip soon? Stay prepared and peep our list for the ultimate beach essentials. From aloe vera and bluetooth speakers to band-aids and playing cards, this list will have you extra ready for your next out-of-town.


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Sunscreen, moisturizer, aloe vera, chapstick — these should all be in your bag before you go! Going to the beach means you’ll be directly exposed to hot sun, whether you cover up or not. Protect your skin, face, and lips by packing these essentials. Quick tip: aloe vera, especially, helps to soothe sunburns.

Swimming accessories

If you’re an adventurous person, you’ll be sure to have surfboards, flippers, snorkels, and masks lying around the house. Pack these and other swimming accessories you might have so you can fully enjoy your time out in the water. Who knows? You might even catch a wave!

Appropriate clothes/shoes

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Your beach trip is a chance for you to show off your style. Pack double the bathing suits, sandals, hats, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and sunglasses for the most functional and fashionable OOTDs. Don’t forget to include comfy t-shirts and pajamas if you plan to sleep overnight. Aqua shoes may also prove useful if you’re going into especially rocky territory.


Beach towels and regular towels are an absolute must! You need the beach towel so you can save yourself from sitting on hot sand and the regular towel so you can clean yourself up after a nice swim. Bonus points if you bring an umbrella to make some shade on your beach towel.


Beach Volleyball

Volleyball, footballs, and even playing cards can all be played during your trip! Games keep things fun between you and your pals and can even help bring you all closer together. Whip them out when you notice a lull in your activities.

First-aid kit/meds

This goes for every trip, but you should definitely bring a first-aid kit and common meds like ibuprofen and paracetamol in the event someone falls ill. In your first-aid kit, include band-aids and disinfectants in case of any incidents.

Reusable water bottle

Skip the plastic and save some money when you bring your reusable water bottle. These will keep your water cold when you’re out on the sand and will definitely help to save the Earth, one less plastic at a time. If you put ice cubes in your water bottle, you’ll be sure to stay hydrated and cool all day.


best beach cooler

Keep your drinks nice and cool in a portable cooler. Coolers are great for large parties who want to share a refreshing drink under the sun. Use them for the afternoon swim or the sunset bonfire — either way works!

Waterproof bluetooth speakers and other tech

Is it really a vacation if you don’t have the right tunes? Waterproof bluetooth speakers will guarantee that you and your friends will enjoy good music all night. Other electronics to bring would be your chargers (of course), headphones, cameras, and maybe even your GoPro! Make sure to secure all of these items in a waterproof bag or pouch to avoid any accidents.

Plastic bags

Grab your old grocery bags so that you can reuse them to store your wet swimsuits, dirty towels, and sandy slippers. These bags come in handy when you’re packing your things for the trip home as they keep your suitcase or duffel bag clean and organized. You can also use them as trash bags for when you’re on the beach to keep the area extra tidy.

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