US to require vaccination proof from green card applicants

US to require vaccination proof from green card applicants

Do you plan to move to the United States soon? Well, it looks like you have to get vaccinated first. Individuals who are applying to immigrate to the US will be required to provide proof that they’ve been inoculated against the COVID-19 virus beginning October 1, according to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Basically, the USCIS said the COVID-19 vaccination requirement is for green card applicants and those who must undergo an immigration medical examination. Applicants have to submit COVID-19 vaccination records before completion of their medical examinations.

You might be thinking, ‘how about minors who are not allowed to be vaccinated yet?’ Well, on the flip slide, kids who aren’t eligible to be vaccinated and those who have medical conditions who have contraindication or precaution to the COVID-19 vaccine are exempted from this requirement.  

But what if you don’t want to get vaccinated at all? A waiver process is outlined in the updated policy for those who refuse COVID-19 vaccines because of religious or moral convictions, and for those who cannot get the vaccine because of the low vaccine supply in the country of origin.

So in a nutshell, an applicant who is medically appropriate for the COVID-19 vaccine but refuses to be inoculated will be documented with incomplete requirements. 

With this policy update, the COVID-19 vaccine is now part of the list of jabs required by the USCIS for would-be immigrants, which include polio, influenza, hepatitis A, and tetanus.

“If the applicant has not received any of the listed vaccinations and the vaccinations are age-appropriate and medically appropriate, the applicant has a Class A condition and is inadmissible,” the USCIS said.

Approved COVID-19 vaccines are those authorized for emergency use by the US Food and Drug Administration and vaccines that are listed for emergency use by the World Health Organization. That’s why you better do your research before applying for a green card. 

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