FreebieMNL - YouTube channels that will make you want to live away from the city

YouTube channels that will make you want to live away from the city

People have started to rethink their lives because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home made people realize that they didn’t need to suffer through traffic every single day just to get things done, and it has resulted in people getting disillusioned with city life as it comes with high COVID-19 cases due to how densely populated the city is. City life also isn’t the cheapest. Despite the Philippines having a low average salary, living expenses are high in Metro Manila. 

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It’s no wonder then that some people are dreaming of leaving the city for something much simpler. With all that’s happening now, a simple provincial life sounds good because of all the health-risks and stress that comes with densely populated areas. 

But if all you can do right now is dream for the day you can move away, you can still live vicariously through YouTubers who have gone off the grid. Watch the videos below to get a taste of life away from the city and from people. 

Gayyem Ben

Gayyem Ben’s videos will give you a glimpse of rural life in Nueva Vizcaya. His videos of his humble life in the countryside will inspire you to live simply and his cooking videos will make you appreciate Filipino cuisine more. 

Hannah Lee Duggan

Hannah Lee Duggan used to live and travel all over the US with only her van but now she has decided to settle down in a cabin in the woods. With only her power tools to help her, she was able to transform a dilapidated cabin into a homey one. 

The Cottage Fairy

If you’re obsessed with the cottagecore aesthetic, The Cottage Fairy’s videos are a must-watch. Her cottage life away from distractions may be seem boring to others but her videos will teach you how to appreciate life more even if you don’t live in a cottage surrounded by nature. 

Exploring Alternatives

From living in tiny houses to living inside a van, Exploring Alternatives will inspire you to consider different types of living arrangements. They have an Off-Grid Living series that shows people with sustainable lifestyles living away from society. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with city life, this series is a nice break from reality. 

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Thumbnail photo from The Cottage Fairy

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