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‘Welcome to Jimin Park!’ Arci Muñoz names one of her properties after BTS member

When Arci Muñoz said she was a big fan of the South Korean group BTS, she was not kidding!

The actress named one of her properties after her bias Jimin and she toured the netizens around the ‘Jimin Park.’

Muñoz says this was her ‘gift’ for the K-pop idol, who celebrated his birthday last October 13.

“You now have your own forest in the Philippines (Park Jimin) welcome to (Jimin Park) nature park! I guess you now know my gift to our baby mochi on his special day!” she wrote on Instagram.

“So I got this piece of land kasi gusto ko talaga na pagandahin siya at magtanim ng maraming, maraming puno at gawin siyang parang forest,” she said on her vlog.

“Maganda siya kasi may body of water and everything,” she added.

Muñoz also visited the property when she celebrated her birthday and planted trees.

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