Never Worry About Cleaning Again with Roidmi’s Vacuum Cleaners

You will never go wrong with self-cleaning and cordless vacuum cleaners!

In a world where a deadly virus like COVID-19 is looming, regular home care has been more important than ever. Though important, we get how this chore may be averse to many. That’s why having a vacuum cleaner at home may be a good investment since it makes cleaning a breeze.

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There are different types of vacuum cleaners to choose from but it’s important to consider small things like where to store and if it’s efficient for cleaning a certain surface. 

If you are looking for something that is worth your money, you won’t have to look further because ROIDMI, the leader of the cordless vacuum cleaner industry in China, is now in the Philippines. 

ROIDMI is a part of the Xiaomi ecosystem and has over 400 technical patents and 10 design awards including iF, Red Dot and Good Design awards. With its quality hi-tech products perfect for different home needs, they are now being sold in over 80 countries.

Check out its models and see which vacuum cleaner fits you and your home best.

ROIDMI X30 VX Self-cleaning Cordless Vacuum and Wipe Cleaner

Roidmi’s Vacuum Cleaners

The ROIDMI X30 VX has a 2-in-1 vacuum and wipes cleaning function. The wipe function serves two purposes–dry mopping and wet wiping of floors. It has a 120,000 rpm digital brushless motor with a suction power of 150W while the mops rotate at 200 rpm with a wiping speed of 10m2/min.

The ROIDMI X30 VX is powered by high-capacity power lithium batteries and it can run for 80 minutes on eco mode, 35 minutes on standard mode, and 10 minutes on boost mode. The ROIDMI X30 VX also comes with a one-button press self-cleaning station for a hands-free mop cleaning and drying experience.

ROIDMI S2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The ROIDMI S2 is a lightweight model with the main unit weighing only 1.5kg with a 270 0 handle design for easier and comfortable use. The S2 incorporates a 110,000 rpm digital brushless motor and a 130W strong suction power. It has a soft roller brush suitable for vacuuming floors and carpets. It has a magnetic water tank module that can be attached when mopping. This vacuum cleaner has a runtime of 60 minutes on eco mode, 40 minutes on standard mode and 10 minutes on boost mode.

ROIDMI Z1 Air Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The ROIDMI Z1 Air integrates a 100,000 rpm digital brushless motor which provides 110W suction power. At 1.55kg, it is lightweight so it is convenient for single-hand use. The Z1 Air has a runtime of 60 minutes on a single charge.

All the ROIDMI models mentioned above have a multi-layer air filtration system that traps the previously vacuumed dust and prevents it from being released back into the air. It also comes with a wall-mount dock which can be used for charging and storage purposes.

It also comes with supporting accessories (may vary depending on the product) such as the crevice tool, wide nozzle, extension hose, mattress brush among other tools to meet most home cleaning needs.

All ROIDMI vacuum cleaners can be purchased at the brand’s Flagship Store in Lazada and the Official Store in Shopee Mall. For more information, you may visit their FB page – RoidmiPH

Art Daniella Sison

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