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Even though Bea Gomez didn’t take home the title, this interesting Philippine record stays intact. Even as the country reels from the loss of local bet Beatrice Luigi Gomez in last Sunday’s Miss Universe 2021 pageant, there’s some sense of reprieve in the fact that the Cebuana stunner kept a one-of-a-kind roll ongoing. Read: The […]
When you’ve been cooped up for so long, going back to the outside world and navigating your social circles could be challenging. Contact with people in the past year has been limited to family and maybe a few close friends, which probably has affected our communication skills. So how do you make new friends during […]
Have you ever thought about the probable thousands of rolls of toilet paper that you and your family have gone through over the years? Probably not. It may seem like an everyday thing that we can toss in the trash, but the reality is that it also has a pretty big impact on the Earth. […]
Note that the Department of Health’s explanation only applies to a specific kind of face shield. During Friday’s Senate blue ribbon committee hearing, Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation’s Krizle Grace Mago admitted to lawmakers that the company has tampered with the production dates of face shields procured by the Department of Health (DOH): From 2020, the date is altered […]
As the COMELEC deadline for voter registration approaches, more and more citizens are rushing to line up for their chance to vote in next year’s May elections. We hear stories of unbearably long queues at ungodly hours, difficulty in securing COMELEC appointments, and just plain frustration at the whole process. Given all this, registering to […]
Squeezed snug between life’s constants of birth, death, and taxes, is the quintessential Filipino high school experience. For better or for worse, high school life is without a doubt a treasure trove of memorable moments, a rich well of sweet souvenirs whose depth we only realize in hindsight — and that’s okay. Our younger selves […]
Should we be looking at plastic barriers the way we look at face shields? Our brooding fear of contracting the coronavirus has led us to explore a wide selection of precautions that stood at every point of the spectrum of reason. Some, like the use of face shields, didn’t make much sense to wear, while […]
If you’ve noticed that your friends have been showing off cute little geckos lately, you’re not alone. Bearded dragons have experienced soaring popularity in recent years, with studies saying that it’s among one of the top three reptiles most sought after as pets for reptile keepers.  The trend has also apparently reached the celebrity sphere, […]


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