If you’re a fan of colored eyeliner, these local stores on Shopee are where it’s at. The FreebieMNL team discovered three local makeup brands that sell amazing eye make-up. They sell colored neon eyeliners and multichrome eyeshadows. And you know what the best part is? These brands are all on Shopee! Owned by Filipinos, these […]
Here’s why you need to add the Ultra Protect Antimicrobial Bar to your skincare routine! It’s important to have a proper skincare routine nowadays. With increased mobility comes exposure to dirt, pollution, and germs. You must have a powerful cleanser that protects you against harmful elements. Preferably something from Cetaphil. After all, it’s a trusted […]
Her unconventional ways have earned her millions of followers! Bailey Sarian is a makeup artist and storyteller. But she doesn’t tell just any stories. She specializes in tales of murder and mystery. On paper, makeup and true crime don’t mix well. In other words, what she does shouldn’t work. She has her fair share of […]
Your cheotsarang (first love) is back with a new look! iWhite Korea is one of the pioneering K-Beauty brands in the Philippines. It recently gave its products a new look and improved formulation. iWhite Korea is perfect for people building a skincare routine or those who want to scale back. One of the brand’s goals […]
This local brand is changing the game in the cosmetics world. Choosing a new makeup brand or trying out new products can be hard for Filipinas. Most of us are morena, and most of the brands out there are best suited for fair-skinned people. But now we have a homegrown brand that’s right for us. […]
This trendy K-Beauty brand will make you look ‘예쁘다 (pretty)’! If you follow beauty trends, you know that Korean beauty products are hot right now. This is because most of them are so easy to use. MERZY is one such brand. It’s also quite popular. During Shopee’s 6.6. Mid-Year sale, some beauty mavens got first […]


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