Self-Rebrand 2024: Reinvent Yourself With These Celebrity-Approved Items

Start creating your new you this 2024 with these products!

The arrival of the new year is monumental for many people. In turning a new leaf comes the will to do better, to strive harder, and to reimagine oneself. It is an opportunity to begin again or maybe add some routines to your habits. 

Now that there’s a long year ahead of us, riding the rebranding trend is just as compelling. Changes in the way you dress, what lipstick you wear, or hair color you rock will represent you for a year or beyond—so make it worth the stare with these celebrity-approved items. 

Lucky Beauty Blush and Lip Cream

Bid farewell to beige lippies or toned-down foundation creams. 2024 could be a year of colors, especially for people who incorporate nudes in almost every aspect of their aesthetics. 

One can start by adding a popped-up red to their lips and cheeks with this Andrea Brillantes-recommended makeup. With its tamed pigments, one can explore and use it as a transition material before going for a bolder, sharper contour. 

Get the Lucky Beauty blush and lip cream here

Technicolor Dye (Ariel)

Another way to express your loud side is, of course, through a roaring hair color. And if you’ve been thinking about what shade to get, you might want to draw inspiration from Alexa Ilacad’s red hair. 

With the hue’s ability to bring out fairer skin, channeling red locks will go well with the self-reinvention you’ve been dreaming of. So, paint your old self down and do it with a striking red—there’s no holding back here. 

Get the Technicolor’s Ariel semi-permanent hair dye here

Kiko Milano 3D Hydra Lip Gloss 

For some girls, lip glosses are a pivotal instrument to their coming-of-age moment. It’s an item that ushers girls into girlhood, when they decided to dab it on their face one hot summer night to play-pretend. 

Kiko Milano’s 3D Hydra Lip Gloss collection, as promoted by Marian Rivera, is reminiscent of that. The color ranges from neutral to bold, in a seeming symbolism of every girl’s unique coming-of-age stories. Now, it would also be a good addition to your self-rebranding, when you want to relive that particular once upon a time. 

Get the Kiko Milano 3D Hydra Lip Gloss here

Sunnies Studios’ Devon Sunglasses 

 Do you want to bring out your fierce persona without getting rid of your soft-girl vibe? That’s very much possible with the sharp and chic appeal of this pair of fashion sunglasses from Sunnies Studios. 

It can be paired with loud monochromes to channel that Bond girl vibes, just like how Nadine Lustre does it. Or, one can incorporate it in color-coordinated wardrobes to amplify the look. Whichever, getting this pair will surely be a good item to start your 2024 rebranding. 

Get the Devon Sunglasses here

Bench Bucket Hat 

The purpose of bucket hats has changed from being a utilitarian accessory to a staple piece in pop culture. With its emergence in as early as 1960s, it has long seeped into the fashion side and is being used by many celebrities, Vivoree included, as a fashion statement. 

With its versatile appeal, one can either use it for streetwear or for a more casual gathering. Whichever, it is one of the items that does not die down easily, so wearing it would be a good starting point if you lean towards a more fashionable 2024. 

Get the Bench Bucket Hat here

Changes in how we present ourselves do not have to be drastic at all. After all, self-rebranding relies on personal taste and discretion.

That’s why regardless if you want it loud or subtle, picking the best items for it should always be meticulous. 

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