Psychologists have proven it, do stop denying your feelings. (Ed’s note: This article says it’s possible for you to gaslight yourself, but it’s only for educational purposes. Please do not use it to self-diagnose.) Have you ever heard either of these phrases? “No. I didn’t do it. You’re imagining things.” “If you cared about me, […]
Arm yourself with the facts so you can protect yourself and your inner circle. The Department of Health (DOH) recently announced that monkeypox is in the Philippines. It arrived by way of a 31-year-old Filipino who returned to the country last week. The patient’s full name was withheld for security purposes. But the DOH says […]
Use it to determine if you’re infected with the virus within 20 minutes. The Philippines is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases as the days go on. The country has yet to move on from one virus, but it’s already facing challenges from another. Which one, you ask? The virus that causes dengue fever. Per […]
Find out what their go-to immune system booster is! Stars are no different from the rest of us. For instance, they were also caught off guard when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Celebrity couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez were fine with staying home at first. But soon, the stress of the lockdown took its toll […]
The Kapuso queen is the new endorser of Fresh Hairlab by FRESH Philippines. Marian Rivera is one of the biggest local celebrity endorsers. With her enchanting looks and personality, it’s no wonder why she often gets asked to be the face of a brand. One of her latest endorsements is Fresh Hairlab by FRESH Philippines. […]
This writer talks about her condition and shares tips for those dealing with it too. A cleft lip and palate is what happens when a baby’s mouth and/or lip does not form during their time in the womb. Sometimes, it’s referred to as a “harelip.” As a result, they need surgery. Children who have a […]


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