This Electronic Gift Certificate Might Just Bring Comfort To Your Loved Ones

MEDPadala is Generika Drugstore’s solution in bringing thoughtfulness and practicality together

Filipino families share an intimate bond. This closeness among members manifests more clearly during reunions, wherein everyone prepares to come home for that one big family gathering. 

While this may paint a common picture among households, some families do not experience the same—especially when your loved ones are living abroad or far from their hometown. 

Distance comes as the primary struggle of every individual who chooses to work far from their family. Considering the miles-long commute it will have to take and the finances it would consume, taking care of them comes extra challenging. 

This challenge was recognized and considered closely by Generika Drugstore, ultimately offering its newest solution MEDPadala. 

Through this electronic gift certificate (e-GC), family members may extend the comfort of their hands to their loved ones even with great distance in between. 

What is MEDPadala? 

MEDPadala is an electronic gift certificate for medicines and other essential medical supplies within the Generika Drugstore network. 

With the use of such, family members may enjoy discounted prices on select items, including Actimed and Nutrawell Supplements. 

Sending MEDPadala can be done in three simple steps. 

1. Buy the MEDPadala e-GC at any Generika Drugstore branch or visit

2. Send the MEDPadala code and PIN via SMS or email.

3. Present the code and PIN to any Generika Drugstore branch to purchase medicines or medical supplies.

Electronic Gift Certificate

With MEDPadala, the gap in distance is reduced—giving every family the chance to bring an extra layer of comfort equipped with the “gift of ginhawa.”

Visit Generika Drugstore through this link or check their social media pages for more updates.  

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