Iya Villania, Drew Arellano Share Importance Of Choosing A Home For Raising A Family

“The whole place pretty much became a playground,” says Iya of their home

Real-life couple Iya Villania and Drew Arellano made sure that their house is conducive for their growing kids.

Iya and Drew shared this in an interview with FreebieMNL during the launch of RLC Residences’ newest family-friendly condo project, MIRA, on April 5, 2024, where they served as the program’s hosts.

Drew first quipped, “Everything’s sharp so they can get injured anytime…”

Iya told Drew, “Ano ba, Love!”

Turning serious, Iya then explained, “Parang ever since we had Primo, it’s kind of stayed that way which is why I think, we had one kid after the other para hindi na nga kailangan baguhin.

“So, when Primo came along, doon pa lang, we already put like mats, took care of all the corners.

“The whole place pretty much became a playground and parang we just kind of accepted that that was our reality and yon, hanggang ngayon, ganun pa rin siya.”

Iya and Drew have accepted that their house has a pretty unique house situation with growing kids and toddlers.

Drew said, “Ano yan, e, may pros and cons yan, e. It’s funny that our close friends who just live like a few hundred meters away, noong pumunta kami sa bahay nila, and they’ve got like a 12-year-old daughter, kami, ‘Wow! Ang linis ng bahay niyo!’

“‘Tapos kami, babalik kami sa bahay namin, ‘Wow! Ang daming gamit!’ So, at the end, ganun talaga with kids.”

Iya added, “It’s just a life stage that we’re in right now and right now, wala, tinanggap lang namin ‘yon.

Iya and Drew have four children: Primo (7), Leon (5), Alana (3), and Astro (1).

Iya Villania, Drew Arellano
The Arellanos
PHOTO: iyavillania on Instagram

With the current season of their life now, Iya and Drew emphasized that it is really important to choose a family-friendly house, especially for those who just started to raise theirs.

But before choosing a house, it is more important to invest early.

Iya stressed out, “I think it’s really important that you foresee where you’re gonna grow and raise a family, because the moment you have kids, you don’t realize until then how much you’re actually spending.

“So if earlier on, when the kids aren’t as demanding in terms of finances, it’s really best to invest early. To really foresee where you guys are gonna grow as a family. I think for me, it’s really important.”

Drew quipped, “Miss Universe yung answer na yan, ah!”

Iya then revealed, “Hindi nga natin naisip yun, e! We were just lucky.

“It just happened to work out that way, I think. I think God was just really in our favor and things worked out for our growing family.”

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Bonding moments

As for their house situation, Iya can say that their family is always on the “makulit” side.

She shared, “It’s really kulitan, lambingan, just anything!

“Kasi actually, Drew and I, para kaming mga magnets sa bahay. So, wherever we are in the house, even if we’re like, kunyari, we’re in a room, or even if we’re just in the banyo, the kids will find their way to where we are, and no matter what we’re doing, we just kind of do it together.

“Even if we’re in the toilet, we’re in the toilet together. Even if we’re at the table, or in the kitchen, every moment is a bonding moment.”

Drew added, “Magtatanong yan, ‘Oh, where are you going?’ ‘I’m gonna go with you. We’re gonna go with you.’ So parang automatic for them na.

Iya described their situation as: “Every moment is a bonding moment.”

Drew Arellano
Drew Arellano bonds with their kids
PHOTO: drewarellano on Instagram

RLC Residences’ New Property

Meanwhile, the event that Iya and Drew hosted on April 5 at Crowne Plaza Ortigas served as the official launch of RLC Residences’ new property, MIRA.

Located in Quezon City, MIRA was designed for Filipino families and their future, said RLC Residences’ Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer Karen Cesario.

She explained, “We did our best to ensure that this development can be a home and a community where the household can grow together and build a future.”

It is strategically located at Mirasol Street, Brgy. San Roque in Quezon City, which allows parents and their kids to easily go to their schools, malls, hospitals, and offices.

MIRA offers studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units with balcony options, ranging from 26.5 sqm to 78 sqm living spaces. Amenities owners can expect are a play area for kids, pet park, kids’ pool, adult pool, jogging trail, glamping nooks, and a fitness center, among others.

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