Marjorie Barretto

Marjorie Barretto’s Recent Health Scare Highlights “Responsibility” Of Single Moms

Marjorie considers her recent hospitalization a huge “wake-up call”

Marjorie Barretto reflected on how “health is truly wealth” as she revealed she has been confined in a hospital due to an undisclosed condition.

The proud mother shared about her health scare while showing photos of herself lying in a hospital bed, through her Instagram page on August 31, 2023.

Aside from Marjorie’s kids Dani, Julia, Claudia, and Leon, Julia’s boyfriend Gerald Anderson, and Dani’s husband, Xavi Panlilio, also rushed to the hospital to look after Marjorie.

“Just as I thought August was about to end quietly, I had to spend the last week of the month in fear and found myself asking myself so many whys,” Marjorie said in the caption.

“Health is truly wealth. Nothing else matters more than that,” she continued. “Feeling bad I terrified my kids for a while. Moms really don’t have the right to get sick. Single moms have to stay in their best form ALWAYS.”

Marjorie further said she was advised by her doctor to have a healthier lifestyle and to dump “lots of stress,” but she assured her followers that she is now feeling better.

“I’m good now, much better, not 100% yet but definitely a wake-up call for all of us in the family… I need to surrender to God’s will and lots of prayers that this doesn’t happen to me again,” she stated.

Grateful for her kids

Marjorie has always been vocal about how much she treasures her kids and even their significant others. But her recent hospitalization made her appreciate them all even more.

“Just thought of sharing [because] you know how there are so many parts of our lives we don’t get to share on Instagram,” she explained. 

The vlogger and entrepreneur emphasized that their lives still have “bad days.”

“And in those kind of days I am reminded that I am blessed to have [five] strong and wonderful children and a great son-in-law Xavi and even Gerald who all rushed to hospital late at night, [because] Julia was so far away and she needed to be assured I was okay till she got back,” she recounted.

Fans and fellow celebrities sent their prayers and well-wishes for Marjorie’s recovery via the comments section.

Marjorie concluded her post on a hopeful note as she said, “Praying for a better September.”

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