Get Timeless Beauty And Grace With This Rhian Ramos-Approved Skincare Product

This secret bottle combines the power of three core skincare formulas!

Argue or not, most people ask the same question whenever their favorite celebrity appears on screen. On top of the usual thought that she never ages, the majority would also wonder, “How is her skin so fair? What might be her secret?” 

This is then followed by a conclusion that she might be spending big on herself. However true for most stars, the likes of Rhian Ramos know that authentic glow naturally comes in using the right skincare products. 

Rhian Ramos skincare product
Rhian Ramos

Rhian’s evident glow does not require much. Aside from the God-given genes she was rightfully bequeathed, she knows that she need not stretch her money on something expensive—just a bottle of serum from Y.O.U Beauty is all it takes. 

Rhian Ramos’s beauty regimen

Rhian has a pretty easy skincare routine in the morning. She says, “I just rinse my face with water and pat dry with a paper towel, and then apply Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum and sunscreen.”

No matter how busy her days get, she always makes it a point to apply her secret bottle every single day, religiously,  to achieve a “plump, hydrated, and supple beauty look.” 

Y.O.U. Beauty

A day in the life of a celebrity usually comes too taxing, and when rest comes calling on Rhian’s shoulders, she makes sure never to go to bed without applying her cherished secret. 

“I deep clean my face making sure there’s no makeup left, then pat dry with a paper towel, and apply the same serum before going to bed,” Rhian shares. 

Before discovering Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum, Rhian reveals that she was struggling to maintain her multi-step regimen. The daunting demand of work made it hard for her to apply niacinamide booster, hyaluronic serum, and vitamin C booster separately. 

Rhian Ramos Y.O.U. Beauty 2
Rhian Ramos

However, the infusion of these three core ingredients in one formula allows for an easy skincare routine that requires little to no effort at all! 

Take it from the city girl herself— constant use of Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum will leave your skin ready for anything that work, leisure, or life calls on you. Nothing expensive, just the right products and how wise you use it. 

Score YOU Beauty Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum, and pair it with Sunbrella Triple UV Elixir Sunscreen for that ultimate, dream glow by clicking the links and adding them to your cart now!

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