Dimples Romana Accomplishes Dream Of Having Own Skincare Line, Dreamcake

Dimples Romana wanted her products to be multipurpose, effective, and chic!

Star Magic artist Dimples Romana has just added another hat to wear: a co-founder of a skincare line.

She just recently launched Dreamcake, which is meant to “satisfy your skin cravings” with two products: Dreamcake Skin Glaze First Essence and Dreamcake Face & Body Icing.

During the recent media launch for Dreamcake, Dimples explains to the press why she decided to launch her own skincare line.

She says, “At this point in my life, I want to be able to work with something that truly matters to me. I really love taking care of my skin kasi bihirang-bihira ako naka-makeup at kung mag-makeup man ako, madalas walang foundation. I want to make sure that my skin breathes.

“Often, we wear a lot of makeup and that’s okay too, but even if we are wearing a lot of makeup, you should be able to have a good blank canvas and something that’s healthy para pagtanggal ng makeup mo, it is protected as well and at the same time, the makeup looks more fantastic when we have good skin.”

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Launching Dimples’ two Dreamcake products

For the first launch of Dreamcake, Dimples has two products, the Skin Glaze and Face & Body Icing.

While these are just two products, both are very rich and provide the benefits of not just one product.

For example, the Skin Glaze First Essence has the benefits of toner, essence, serum, and moisturizer in just one glaze.

It helps nourish and hydrate the skin, restores skin’s protective barriers, minimizes fine lines, and helps reduce dark spots.

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Dreamcake Skin Glaze First Essence

On the other hand, the Face & Body Icing is dubbed an all-in-one skin solution with instant brightening effect on the skin that can be used for the face, body, and even in intimate areas.

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Dreamcake Face & Body Icing

Dimples says that she really wanted a product that is multi-purpose and easy for on-the-go patrons.

She explains, “One product gives you a lot of benefits that you’ll get from different products as well kasi nga, yung bag ko kapag tinignan niyo, ayoko naman na limang tube yung nasa loob, di ba!

“The reason why it’s such a big tube—it’s slightly bigger than the usual, it’s 125 grams, kasi para at least, nakakagaan yung tube na nasa bag ko. Also because I’m a mom and I’m super on the go all the time, so I want to be able to have one tube in my bag.”

Dimples Romana Dreamcake 2
Dimples Romana and her Dreamcake products

Even the appearance of the tube is something that Dimples and her partners have really thought about.

She continues, “Can I just say it’s a very cute tube? It’s something that can relate to all genders. I’ve been seeing a lot of you tagging me that you love the color, we specifically talagang searched for the best color.

“I wanted to look simple but very chic and as my child would say, it’s very aesthetic, it’s a word they keep using and I understood when I saw this product because ang ganda sa banyo ko.

“At this point in our lives, sa sobrang pagka-busy sa buhay natin, don’t we just want our skincare basic, simple, multipurpose, and effective?”

How to use Dreamcake products?

Even if the Dreamcake products have already a lot of benefits, patrons can still use their existing regimen until ultimately, one can use the two Dreamcake products together.

Dimples explains, “What I’ve learned with skincare is kunyari, itong particular line na ito, yung sinusunod mo na regimen, hindi particularly nagwo-work yun sa iba.

“So, mahirap din pakinggan kapag ang ganda, nag-work yung sa skin ng kaibigan mo, ipa-follow mo yun ‘tapos nagtataka ka, iba because iba talaga yung body chem mo.”

Dimples Romana Dreamcake
Dimples Romana during Dreamcake launch

Dimples then suggests that when it comes to Dreamcake, try one product first then add the other later.

“So, I suggest that when you have Dreamcake icing and then the glaze, check first what works for you. In fact, I suggest that if you buy both, gamitin mo muna separately so you would know which works for you best.

Pero ako kasi, ultimately, I use both only because feeling ko, blooming ako ‘pag ginagamit ko magkasabay. So, if you want that blooming effect, I would suggest you buy both.”

The products are also not redundant when you already have a separate toner or a serum in your regimen.

“I don’t think so because it’s very generic, it’s something that you can add on to what you’re already doing or I would suggest, because it’s for everyday use, you wanna stop first the one that you’re trying, substitute it with this one, if it works for you, it has the same effect or even better, then you use us na!

Ako rin kasi, ganun ako sa skincare at saka kadalasan, I mix it with other things as well. Ang maganda sa Dreamcake, it works well with other things kasi kadalasan, skincare, hindi naman lahat perfect line yun.

Aminin niyo, hindi buong line binibili niyo because some of the products don’t necessarily work really well with you. So, I suggest you try both first.”

Click the links to get the Dreamcake Skin Glaze First Essence and Dreamcake Face & Body Icing on Shopee. The products are also available on its official website with an introductory price of Php 999 for both products.

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