How to Celebrate Valentine’s Loving Yourself

Valentine’s season is that time of the year when love is put on display. Couples and lovers, especially, are put under the spotlight. Be it through gifts or special dates, February 14 is the one expected day they are to show love and affection outside of their usual anniversaries and own celebrations. With Valentine’s day approaching, preparing is in full swing. 

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But what about those who don’t have a significant other? The lack of a partner to celebrate Valentine’s with can make it so easy to feel alienated and lonely during this time. This is why this Valentine’s, we want to emphasize loving yourself. 

If you exert effort in showing your friends and family that you care for them, the same should be applied to yourself. In this day and age, self-love can feel like a luxury. But it’s through self-love that you can better understand yourself. And as a result, it is a way for you to cultivate happiness.

Here are ways you can celebrate Valentine’s loving yourself! 

Take a Break from Social Media

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve relied on social media to stay connected. However, it can all be a bit too much, especially during Valentine’s season when you’re bombarded with hearts and declarations of love. If it’s starting to inspire envy, maybe now’s the time to take a quick break from social media. Go on airplane mode and take a few hours to yourself! 

Self-Care is the Answer

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Now that you’ve allotted time for yourself, it’s time to relax and unwind. Do this by partaking in your favorite hobbies and activities, or meditating and journaling. If you want to do nothing, that’s fine too. Don’t feel guilty taking a nap or binge-watching a show you’ve been eyeing, because these simple pleasures are still considered self-care!

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Harness the Power of Affirmations

The way we talk to ourselves in our head is not always the nicest. We subject ourselves to judgement so quickly – one small mistake and negative thoughts immediately swarm – that we don’t realize that the way we talk to ourselves would be considered mean if we’re to apply it to someone else. As a practice in loving yourself, use positive affirmations. Write down things you find good in yourself and try to apply that thinking in your daily life!

Treat Yourself 

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Photo by Alexander Dummer from Pexels

With bills to pay and expenses to tally, you might find yourself holding back on buying the things that make you happy. Retail therapy has its good and bad sides, but you can’t deny that treating yourself to the things you want can boost your mood. This Valentine’s is the time to treat yourself to a thing you’ve been eyeing or a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. If lovers spend on each other on Valentine’s day, why shouldn’t you do the same for yourself?

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