Diego Loyzaga Shares His Take On Marriage

He admits that his sentiments might change in the future

Diego Loyzaga got candid in an episode of “Toni Talks” where he shared his perspective on marriage.

He says that he considers it merely “a piece of paper”: due to witnessing many married couples separate while growing up.

“I don’t believe in marriage. It’s a piece of paper for me,” expressed Diego, arguing that if a couple agrees on everything from the start, there’s no need to formalize it on paper, especially when it could lead to separation.

Kunwari lang, ha, you and me, we agree on everything. There’s not a spot, piece of line, or paragraph that we don’t agree on. Absolutely everything. Crystal clear. Why must we now get it written down on a piece of paper and then get someone else to bestow on us the fact that we are now a married couple?” he explained.

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Ang sa ‘kin lang kasi is if ever we fight in the future, and it gets to the point na, ayoko na sa ’yo and ikaw, galit na galit ka na sa ‘kin.

“It’s not a big deal to have to go somewhere and get annulled. Get divorced. Wala tayong divorce. It’s because growing up, I grew up around it so much and I got to see it so much, separation,” Diego added.

Diego Loyzaga

Diego emphasized that his perspective might change in the future, saying, “We can talk five years from now and maybe things will be different.”

Diego Loyzaga as a father

In the same interview, Diego also opened up about being a father to a five-month-old baby girl born last May 22 in Australia.

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The actor shared that he dreams his child won’t have to heal from having him as her dad.

He expressed his commitment to being there for her, sharing a moment of realization when he saw his mom’s sacrifices for him and his brother.

“There’s nothing in this life now that I wanna do aside from if it’s for her. That’s it. I think as a dad or any parent, it’s kind of like deadset already. Like I said it was a moment for me when I saw her, ‘Goodbye, Diego. This is now my vow to you, the rest of my love,'” shared Diego.

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