What Was Erwan Heussaff’s Reaction Upon Being Called “Asawa Ni Anne?’

More than being annoyed, Erwan was delighted that someone recognized him

Erwan Heusaff has gotten so used to being referred to as “Asawa ni Anne [Curtis]” that he was amazed when someone called him by his first name.

On Instagram last September 22, 2023, Erwan shared a video of himself shopping for fish in a public market in Baler.

While he was looking around, some vendors recognized him.

While others were calling him by the usual “Asawa ni Anne,” someone said, “This is Erwan!”

In the caption, he wrote, “In most provinces, I go by Asawa Ni Anne. Most people don’t know my name, so I was pleasantly [surprised] that someone here did.”

Netizens who saw Erwan’s post meanwhile give several comments about the video and the people’s reaction.

“They tried remembering your name (the name of the wife/husband of Anne). Even tried to speak English fluently as they know you are always speaking English,“ a netizen posted.

While another one noted, “Kulang, e – Poging Asawa ni Anne!”

Another netizen lauded how Erwan responded to their reaction: “‘Asawa ni Anne’ na walang kaarte-arte sa katawan.”

One netizen even joked, “Jowa ni @nicobolzico,” referring to Erwan and Anne’s brother-in-law, Nico Bolzico.

Anne’s reaction

Anne, for her part, did not pass up on the opportunity to poke fun at her husband. 

She commented on the post, “Ay, siya pala Asawa ni Anne Curtis. Balik ka na ‘[Its] showtime’ kasi.”

Seemingly amused by the entire scenario, Anne couldn’t help but laugh at it at the comments section. 

Erwan and Anne got married in 2017 and welcomed their daughter, Dahlia, in 2020. In March, the little lady celebrated her third birthday at Tokyo Disneyland.

Dahlia has wowed fans with her impressive cooking skills as well as her trending moods and words.

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