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‘Titanic’ Director James Cameron Vehemently Denies Rumors He Is Working On A Titan Sub Film

James Cameron considers the recent rumored project of his to be “offensive”

Hollywood director James Cameron has debunked the rumors that he is currently working on a film about the recent implosion of the OceanGate submersible.

The “Titanic” director and noted deep-sea expert addressed the rumor on his Twitter account on Saturday, July 15, 2023. 

The acclaimed director underscored that while he doesn’t “respond to offensive rumors in the media usually,” he especially felt compelled to do so now owing to the fact that the submersible accident took the lives of all five people on board.

The said tweet has over 2.9 million views as of this writing.

James categorically says, “I’m NOT in talks about an OceanGate film, nor will I ever be.”

The Sun’s report

James’ impassioned reaction stems from British tabloid, The Sun’s recent report titled “DIVE DEEP Titanic director James Cameron in talks with major streaming network to create drama series on doomed Titan sub.” 

The piece claimed that an “insider” told the publication that James supposedly “is first choice for director” of a film about the events on the Titan submersible.

“He told the story of the Titanic so compassionately it feels like a natural step for him to take this on. Retracing the steps of those on board the Titan is a massive undertaking but there would be a lot of time, money, and resources dedicated to it,” the so-called insider said.

Recall that in June, the OceanGate Expeditions founder, Stockton Rush, descended into the Atlantic Ocean, alongside four others, in a submersible called the Titan with the goal of viewing the wreck of the Titanic. 

The submersible initially lost contact with its mothership on the surface during its descent. This prompted an international search and rescue effort, which had experts closely monitoring the available oxygen for the ones onboard. 

Several days later, the US Coast Guard tragically confirmed that they had found pieces of the Titan on the ocean floor. The presence of such pieces led to the conclusion that the five crew members onboard were likely killed instantly in a “catastrophic implosion” and not through oxygen loss.

Many looked to the director for a response after news broke of the implosion broke out since he is not only a deep-sea and Titanic expert–but he has also made 33 dives himself to the wreck.

In fact, there were even assumptions that he has spent “more time on the ship than the captain did back in the day,” which comes on top of the fact that he was also a friend of the Titan dive pilot, Paul-Henri Nargeolet.

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