Kris Aquino Reveals Split With Mark Leviste

Kris: “Our reality is that there’s a Pacific Ocean that divides us, a 15 hour time difference, and a 13 hour flight”

Kris Aquino has publicly declared her decision to “pause” her relationship with Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste, pointing at her health status as the primary obstacle for their long-distance relationship. 

Kris Aquino with Mark Leviste
IMAGE: @krisaquino on Instagram

On Monday, July 10, Kris uploaded a photo of them together on Instagram. Attached with it is a lengthy appreciation letter of what she deems as a “long overdue gratitude post” and a seeming official announcement of her parting with the politician. 

Kris writes, “Marc (yes it’s with a C) @markleviste is leaving to go home to fulfill his obligations to his Batangas constituents. Nobody I’ve ever been in a relationship with has ever given me as much love & encouragement.

“He wasn’t only my boyfriend, he became my best friend and confidante, talagang maaasahan. The usage of WAS is correct,” she adds in an attempt to emphasize the relationship has already ended. 

Kris then holds her health condition as the primary reason for their breakup. As she puts it, “I asked Marc for a pause because with my condition the way it is now, I’m self aware enough to know that a long distance relationship will be next to impossible for us to maintain.”

She reveals that her Churg Strauss connective tissue disease, Crest syndrome, and the budding rheumatoid and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) have developed “progressively worse.” 

These have all taken a toll on Kris’ physical health, as she experiences swollen knees, aching lower back, an “excruciating” pain in her entire left leg, and bruised toenails—which all account for her strains in walking.

Even if she manages to walk, Kris shares that it only takes a few steps before taking in the supplementary use of a wheelchair. 

image 39
IMAGE: @markleviste on Instagram

Kris continues, “Thank you Marc for being here for me especially when my 2 “giants” went home BUT our reality is that there’s a Pacific Ocean that divides us, a 15 hour time difference, and a 13 hour flight. You know how much i believe in you and the last thing i want is to be an obstacle in your career as a public servant. This isn’t just a line, you will always have a place in my heart,” Kris continues. 

“We may not have had our “happily ever after” but being sick has really taught me to look at the glass half full- thank you for giving me the chance to again experience the magic of Once Upon a Time,” she finishes. 

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Kris Aquino and Mark Leviste’s romance timeline 

Rumors of their relationship began when Mark, who Kris previously referred to as Marc, visited her in the United States on New Year’s Day. This was then followed by another visit in February during Kris’ birthday, which coincided on Valentine’s day. 

image 38
IMAGE: @markleviste on Instagram

In May, Kris released an update regarding her health while simultaneously thanking “Marc” for all the “effort to be here whenever I need you.” This, together with Mark Leviste’s yellow heart reply, had fueled bigger speculation about their real status. 

In June, Mark Leviste had made the decision to announce their romance via an interview with ABS-CBN “TeleRadyo.” However, this was taken rather negatively by Kris who said that the revelation went without her consent.  

Following after a month is Kris’ lengthy parting letter with Mark dated on July 10. 

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