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New Jeans Reveals New Side With Spotify

OMG! NewJeans’ curated Spotify playlist and heroes await Bunnies on their “Get Up” inspired platform

Filo Bunnies can now celebrate the newest EP of their favorite group NewJeans with new activities and more inside info.

Music streaming giant Spotify has welcomed MINJI, HANNI, DANIELLE, HAERIN, and HYEIN’s new mini album titled “Get Up” with a bang through the interactive Bunnyland microsite.

Packed with a slew of immersive features and activities to further build excitement for the album, the website allows the Bunnies to enjoy a digital experience like no other.

For starters, they can discover the NewJeans hero member who represents them the most and then proudly share later on social media while listening to a Spotify playlist specially curated by their hero member.

Audiophile Bunnies, meanwhile, can enjoy the platform and at the same time be acquainted with what the members are currently listening to. On top of that, the NewJeans members also created an especially curated for their supporters.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Spotify to present our fans with a diverse range of experiences that bring our group’s unique colors to life. We’ve prepared an exciting campaign to connect with listeners worldwide, and we look forward to sharing these moments with our dedicated Bunnies and new fans,” NewJeans shared.

The EP, which features six tracks, has already garnered over 165 million Spotify streams since its launch on July 21, 2023.

More Bunny fun

Bunnies can likewise see their favorite member channeling their quirky and playful sides through Spotify’s bonus content.

Videos of the NewJeans members battling it out in a claw machine, answering random fact questions, completing challenges, and singing some portions of the album live, are only some of the exciting things that can be found on Spotify’s K-Pop ON! YouTube and video podcast channels. 

Going above and beyond music streaming, Spotify also brought the giant and fluffy Spotibuninis across major cities in Asia including Manila for that picture-perfect Instagram moment of the Bunnies.

The massive, eye-catching installations bring the spotlight to NewJeans’ adorable new bunny character sporting Spotify headphones. 

Banner Art Paulo Correa

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