Vina Morales Belies Rumored Broadway Competition With Lea Salonga

Vina shared that it was actually Lea who broke the news that she got accepted as Aurora Aquino

Vina Morales remains unbothered by persistent comparisons between her and Broadway star Lea Salonga 

In fact, the Kapamilya singer is all about attracting positive thoughts as she prepares for her Broadway debut as  Aurora Aquino in “Here Lies Love.”

These comparisons began after news of Vina taking over Lea’s role in the first All-Filipino Broadway shows was announced on August 18, 2023.  

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In a recent interview, Vina pointed out, “Ang ugali ko kasi, I don’t compete with anyone. I just want to learn more. If I want to improve, I challenge myself.”

Nevertheless, Vina is well aware that such pitting between women would take place given that she will be assuming Lea’s role.

“I cannot stop them from thinking of that. But, I know in my heart I will give my best. I promise to give my best in portraying the role of Aurora Aquino. And I’m sure, si Coach Lea is a perfectionist, she gave her best in every performance na ginawa niya sa ‘Here Lies Love,’” Vina continued. 

Vina Morales and Lea Salonga’s friendship

Instead of letting the issue tarnish their friendship, Vina even shared that it was actually Lea who broke the news of her acceptance to the show. 

Moreover, Lea also shared some tips when she was still auditioning for the role.

‘Yung tips na nabigay sa akin ni Coach Lea was during the audition. She just wished me well. She can’t wait. She actually welcomed me as the new addition to the family,” she revealed. 

Vina Morales

If anything, Vina is happy about Lea’s generosity given her unparalleled contribution in putting Filipino talent on the global map.

Alam naman natin na multi-awarded siya. She’s actually an inspiration to all of us kasi she started Broadway. And now, a lot of actors are given the chance to do Broadway because she was one of the first who did Broadway. She’s an inspiration to us,” Vina said. 

In the end, Vina expressed her excitement to meet her “Here Lies Love” co-actors and to portray the role of Ninoy Aquino’s grieving mother. 

“If you listen to the song they gave me, it was already full of emotions, full of pain, full of grief. She is a grieving mom, and mother of Ninoy Aquino nung assassination niya. ‘Yung pagkagawa ng lyrics ni David Byrne, nandodoon, kumpleto. Nandoon ‘yung pain, ‘yung brokenness ni Aurora Aquino,” she added. 

Lea has been part of the show since its preview in June and will be leaving the show to co-star next with Bernadette Peters in “Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends” at London’s Gielgud Theatre starting Sept. 16, 2023.

Based on a real story, “Here Lies Love” follows Imelda Marcos, whose husband Ferdinand Marcos Sr. was the 10th president of the Philippines and ruled as dictator for 20 years until 1986.

During his regime, Philippine senator Ninoy Aquino was the Marcos family’s leading critic until he was assassinated in 1983. His murder sparked the People Power Revolution, which led to the removal of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos from power.

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