Got Extra Junk in Your House? Green Haven Scrap Materials Will Take It

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

A vast majority of us do happen to collect random junk in our garages, storage units, and extra rooms. This junk could be anything from old TVs and electronics to even bottles and cans.

But good thing Green Haven Scrap Materials is just around the corner, because they actually want our junk.

They collect used beverage cartons like juice boxes and milk boxes, PET bottles like laundry detergent bottles, glass bottles, old appliances, cardboard boxes, newsprint, and paper.

Green Haven Scrap Materials later transports this “trash” to their facility where they are further cleaned and properly recycled.

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Photo from Green Haven Scrap Materials

Many have viewed the group as a lifesaver because they pick up directly from you (for free!) and divert this recyclable and upcyclable waste from ending up in the landfills. Just message them on their Facebook page to book a pick-up, or wait for a pick-up date in an area near you, and make sure to have all your recyclables cleaned and rinsed out.

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Flattened tetrapaks
Photo from Green Haven Scrap Materials

Tetrapaks like milk boxes must be rinsed and flattened to conserve space. Likewise, bottles should be thoroughly rinsed to avoid the presence of bugs and insects. Large appliances like old washing machines, computers, and TVs are also welcome to be donated.

The company makes their rounds every month throughout the Metro, with one goal in mind: keep households green. They are dedicated to collecting people’s “waste” and making sure that households are aware of their power to make a difference in trash segregation and recycling.

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Photo from Green Haven Scrap Materials

Be extra green and use old package boxes or appliance boxes to place bottles (wine lovers, listen up!) in or even use empty rice sacks to pile up your plastics.

With Green Haven Scrap Materials around, you have no reason to keep your house cluttered!

NOTE: For now, beginning February 2021, Green Haven Scrap Materials will NOT be picking up bulky electronics and appliances for space conserving purposes.

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