How to stay protected and worry-free during a global pandemic

It’s been over a year since the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) broke out and caused worldwide pandemic. This uncertainty that we are currently facing brought fear and anxiety  to most of us because we can’t help but think what might come next. But you do not need to beat yourself up and feel guilty about it. Instead, what you can do is to prepare for your future.

If you’re thinking of a way to achieve lifetime protection in a world that’s still facing an outbreak, you might want to consider getting an insurance. 

There are several benefits of availing a life insurance and if you still need some convincing, here’s another positive effect of getting one: peace of mind.

One of the great deals that’s around for Filipinos’ protection is Insular Life’s Chain of Protection free insurance. By applying for FREE, you are also signing up to great benefits such as hospital allowance per day and life insurance cover to name a few!

For the past months, Insular Life stepped up and thought of a program to continue protecting Filipino families, just like what they have been doing for years now. InLife’s Chain of Protection covers coronavirus disease-related hospitalization so it would really help you and your loved ones. Fortunately, vaccines are being rolled out soon but until then, all we can do is to think ahead and make an effort to let our families be protected  from illnesses.

How to stay protected and worry-free during a global pandemic | Insular Life

Now that you already know about the free life insurance, you can help save your colleagues, friends, family by sharing it too! All you have to do is check their website for more details and also apply here

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