Simple ways to ward off evil energy at home

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Spooktober may be over but if you feel like you might be dealing with some negative forces in your space, you don’t necessarily have to call an expert to remedy your situation though. Before you call the ghostbusters (aka an albularyo) or your local priest, try these simple ways to ward off evil energy:

  1. Smoke cleansing your space with some sage. Smudging is a sacred Native American practice that has been popularized since the purpose is to help remove bad energy. If you are not a Native American, smoke cleansing is the more appropriate thing to do. All you need is to light some sage in your place, then blow them out. After “smudging” the entire home, visualize your intentions for your space as the smoke fills every crevice. You can eve use other dried herbs, woods, incense, or leaves to cleanse your home.
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  1. Put salt in the corners of the room. You probably have salt in your pantry anyway, so why not give this a shot, right? Basically, you have to pour salt into the four corners of your rooms, then let it sit. This will help absorb the bad juju from its previous occupants. After  48 hours, you can either vacuum or sweep the salt and throw it away in the trash.
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  1. Harness the powers of crystals. For this to work, you can’t just pick your favorite color, and just roll with it. Different crystals have special powers. For example, lilac amethyst is a good choice for cleaning your room as it has a protective and purifying effect. That’s why you should choose carefully. 
  1. Light up some candles. There’s more to candles than emergency light or a little something to give the room a romantic vibe. Spread them around your space, and light them one by one. You can start the front door and then take the first room and candle on your left. Go clockwise around the house.
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  1. Say a little prayer. If the energy in the room is feeling a bit off, take some time to pause and say a little prayer. You can use your favorite bible passages, or simply ask the Lord for some protection. Just remember to pray from the heart. 
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Even if you’re not the superstitious type, you should keep an open mind and try these simple ways to ward off evil energy from your space. These will help attract positive vibes, and they don’t cost much. However, if you feel like you need professional help, you should go to the experts. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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