Let’s face it — we’ve all got too much stuff lying around our houses. It seems hard to get the picture perfect home of our dreams when we’ve got a pile of old junk sitting around with no place to go.

Space-Saving Tips For Your Home
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For those of you who don’t know what to do with all these extra things, we’ve got a couple of space-saving tips for you!

Shelves, shelves shelves!

Shelves are a great way to clear up your floor space and utilize the blank area on your wall. They can take on a variety of designs, from simple straight shelves to DIY baskets and multi-shelves — either way, they work! Using shelves will give you the room to put any unnecessary things for display and provide the floor space for rearranging furniture.

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Storage and cabinets are key

If you’ve got a big family, chances are each member has some amount of junk laying waste in a cardboard box or closet. That’s why it’s good to invest in storage space and cabinets — the good ones. Some notable alternatives to drab plastic bins are built-in fixtures like storage spaces under floorboards and stairs.

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Multipurpose furniture

It’s a bit of an investment, but multipurpose furniture can really save you a lot of space. Bunk beds that double as a bed and desk/lounge area or beds that fold up into the wall cut out a lot of unnecessary space and can make your home feel all the more cozy! Even this bookshelf/armchair can serve as the unique centerpiece to your living room.

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BEST TIP: Declutter!

Or, if you simply can’t find the budget to buy pricey new furniture and storage units, the economical decision would be to just declutter. We can’t keep every single memento in our homes just for the sake of keeping it. It’s time to sort out what you can for donations, recyclables, and trash. Your home will feel much better without it!

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