This New Storage Solution Is a Game-Changer For Filipinos

Need extra space for your things? Leave it with leeveit!

Filipinos are known to be sentimental, so you probably know someone who hoards things (or you might be guilty of doing so yourself).

Whether you’re a hoarder or not, city living can make you feel like you’re living in a shoebox—unless you live in a big house, that is. Also, finding parking can be a hassle if you own a car since not all apartments have a garage. 

Ergo, we must know how to maximize the space we do have.

Luckily, a new storage solution in town will change things for those living in the metro.

What is leeveit?

Founded by Joey Consenheim, Sulficio Tagud Jr., and Jean Michel Chemaly, leeveit was born to be the digital platform and go-to solution for parking and storage. Whether you’re looking to store something or rent out your extra space, leeveit can make the process easier and more convenient for you.

“This concept has been successfully implemented in the regions of America, Australia, Europe, and now the Philippines,” says Joey. 

Joey and the leeveit team aim to change how Filipinos think about storage and parking. They’re all about finding cheap, hassle-free options for city slickers.

How to use leeveit

Simply head to and create an account. From there, you have two options: Listing your space for rent or you can look for a space that suits your needs in terms of budget, floor area, and location.

Joey shares, “For Leevers, it’s easy and simple to customize filters to cater to your needs. For Keepers, creating an account, listing a space, and having it validated then verified, is more convenient.” 

This also comes in handy for businesses that need extra space for supplies. Leeveit supports micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and they even make sure that your inventory is always organized and kept safe.

To join the leeveit community, visit their website and follow their Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

Art Daniella Sison

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