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A Wish List of SMEG Items We Dream of Owning

Italian brand SMEG is widely known for its retro kitchen appliances with its recognizable and colorful design. They also recently branched out into cookware and it perfectly complements the sleek look of their products. These are the items we’re keeping on our wish list while we daydream about completing the whole set.


Their fridges are probably the most sought-after products due to the various colors to choose from. It has form and function in the kitchen and is undoubtedly eye-catching. The FAB28 is their signature piece and draws inspiration from classic American refrigerators from the 1950s.

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Photo: SMEG

Cooking Range

SMEG started becoming a household name when they launched the Elisabeth gas range oven. It was the first of its kind in 1956, sporting an automatic ignition, safety valves, and a cooking programmer. They have since lived up to the expectation of providing innovative yet stylish products.

Photo: SMEG

Espresso Machine

Choice Australia approves of this small but reliable appliance as it’s on par with other machines of the same quality. The semi-automatic coffee maker scored high regarding temperature consistency and milk frothing and passed the taste test. What better than to buy an espresso machine from a brand that originates from Italy — a country renowned for its coffee culture.

Photo: SMEG


Toasters are an underappreciated small kitchen appliance. But one as pretty as SMEG’s retro-styled toaster might get more use than the generic brand. It makes for a great countertop décor and has superb toasting consistency for those who care about how crisp their bread gets.

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Photo: SMEG


The latest addition to their list of products is the cookware collection designed by Deep Design. Cooking will be even more delightful with this non-stick range that comes in cream, red, and black. There are a total of 8 different products, including 4 frying pans of varying sizes, 2 casseroles, 1 wok, and 1 deep pan.

Photo: SMEG

Apart from their 50s style products, they have an extensive selection for everyone’s aesthetic. Perhaps they’ll also be coming out with an air fryer soon. We’d add them all to our wish list if it was possible.

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