Can’t Get Out of the House? These Apps Help with Your Errands

As the enhanced community lockdown in Luzon continues, the urge to go out gets stronger by the day. However, you shouldn’t go out of course because social distancing is the answer to slowing down the spread of the virus known as Covid-19. 

If you’re looking to do your daily tasks and errands without the having to leave the house, then here are some apps to help you!


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Photo from GoodWork

GoodWork is one of the niftiest mobile apps around, as it provides users in Metro Manila easy, convenient and cost efficient access to a variety of home services, including cleaning, laundry, air-con repair, refrigerator cleaning and even plumbing.

Granted that we can’t find the luxury right now to find these services or even do it, getting a professional that can go to your condo or home is a god send. Click here to download the app now.

Money Manager 

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Photo from Google Play

Now that you have more time, why not manage your finances from your phone? The Money Manager app give you a platform where you can record all your transactions, and track your money across different accounts. 


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Groceries are another precious commodity today, however it’s getting more and more difficult to go out and make the purchases. That problem is solved with MetroMart. The app can assign you a rider, and that rider will personally handpick your coveted items from the store of your choosing, for a very minimal fee. Try it now!


Photo from Google Play

Because of Covid-19, people are more hesitant to touch money as it’s reportedly dirtier than a household toilet. With GCash, you no longer have to worry about these germs since it’s a mobile wallet that you can easily use with your phone. To make safe and hassle-free payments to your energy bills, credit card and even to your life insurance, sign up to GCash with your phone number. 


Photo from Streaks

To keep track of all your tasks and all you aspire to do, Streaks is a good tracker. It’s a to-do list app that helps you form good habits. As you continuously do these tasks, you’ll see just how satisfying it is to keep doing so until it’s a habit that’s ingrained into your body. 


Photo from Tasty

Now’s the time to learn how to cook or learn new recipes. The Tasty app has over 3,000 recipes you can copy, and its step-by-step instructions will surely make even the worst of cooks a good one. Make the task of cooking food for yourself or your family a more enriching one by learning a recipe or two. 

Live in the digital age and download these apps today!

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