Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Los Feliz Home

Vanessa Hudgens isn’t afraid to show her fans what she’s been up to in her Los Feliz home.

In a new video posted by Architectural Digest, the High School Musical star gave a tour of her stunning Georgian home, built by director Cecile B. DeMille in 1922.

“There were so many things about it that struck me,” she said. “Walking through the gate and seeing this house covered in ivy, surrounded by olive trees, it was like I had been transported to France or Italy. It felt like such an escape.”

The house, which was previously owned by award-winning actor Gary Oldman, was purchased by Hudgens in 2018 and features touches of Old Hollywood and European design. She also hired interior designer Jake Arnold to help out with the remodeling of the primary suite.

20210929 JPeffley AD VanessaHudgens 014920copy
Photos by Jenna Peffley/Architectural Digest

As for the kitchen, the 35-year-old took it upon herself to take on the project during the pandemic. “I figured, ‘Why not?’” she stated. “I got new marble, painted the cabinets, got new knobs and drawer pulls–I really wanted brass. My girlfriend, Ashley Tisdale, does interior design, and I got her advice on where to shop.”

20210929 JPeffley AD VanessaHudgens 019520copy
Photos by Jenna Peffley/Architectural Digest
20210929 JPeffley AD VanessaHudgens 020820copy
Photos by Jenna Peffley/Architectural Digest

In the bathroom, the actress mentioned that she “gravitated” more towards the “cave vibe.”

“I fell in love with the idea of sitting in this deep, ceramic bathtub with the windows open, hearing the French music outside waft up through the windows, watching the candlesticks burn,” she shared, showing off her large ceramic tub.

20210929 JPeffley AD VanessaHudgens 001820copy 1
Photos by Jenna Peffley/Architectural Digest

The bath is especially important to her, as it serves as a huge part of her coming home ritual. “When I’m in L.A., the first night that I’m home, I take a bath,” she said. “It’s nice to know that when I get home, I’ll have a bath waiting for me. I always savor that first soak.”

Outside, Hudgens keeps multiple fruit trees, a brick pizza oven, a guest house, and a large space for entertaining guests. “I really wanted a place that you could really just run around in and kind of feel like you have a park,” she explained. “It’s just so nice to have a space that’s open in L.A. that allows me and my friends to feel like big kids.”

20210929 JPeffley AD VanessaHudgens 022320copy
Photos by Jenna Peffley/Architectural Digest
20210929 JPeffley AD VanessaHudgens 002420120copy
Photos by Jenna Peffley/Architectural Digest

You check out her whole house tour in the AD video above.

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