2020 Summer Travel Essentials: Luggage Edition

Traveling can be fun and exciting whether it’s for business or pleasure. But, it can also be exhausting and frustrating if you forgot to pack something or your things are all over the place. Fret not because you can still be organized yet comfortable as you hit the ground running by having these luggage and luggage accessories you need to have!

6-in-1 Travelling Bag and Luggage Clothes Organizer

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Clothes organizers keep your clothes and accessories neat. They make unpacking quite simple, too! This 6-in-1 set has three cubes with mesh covers for clean clothes and three laundry pouches which is perfect if you are traveling for a longer period.

2-Pc Adjustable Hook and Loop Strapping Cable Luggage Tie Down Strap Rope Cord

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Travel worry-free by securing your luggage with this adjustable hook and loop tie. Regardless of the quality of your luggage, a suitcase strap will keep the bag closed and the contents intact.

9-Piece Cosmetic Refillable Bottle Set

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Don’t forget to bring your fave shampoo, lotion, facial wash, body wash, or whatever that will complete your personal hygiene routine while you’re on the road. Label them properly and your good to go!

Space Saver Vacuum Seal Storage Bags Travel Clothes Blankets

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Be sure to bring enough clothes for your OOTD posts with these space-saving vacuum seal bags. 

Travel Basic Ciao Cloe 3 20-Inch Small Hard Case Luggage

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Travel Basic Ciao Cloe 3 20-Inch Small Hard Case Luggage in Red, ₱999

Of course, what are luggage accessories without the luggage itself? This less bulky, truly lightweight pacing essential will let you breeze through airports, terminals, and roads easily and conveniently. 

Travel in style and comfort with these luggage and luggage accessories only from Shopee! Shop now and make your travel goals come true!


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