FreebieMNL - Adventure Time: The Essentials You Need for Your Next Car Camping Trip

Adventure Time: The Essentials You Need for Your Next Car Camping Trip

It’s the great outdoors! After more than a year of being locked up inside, going on a camping trip with the fam or your best buds is a great way to reconnect with nature.

FreebieMNL - Adventure Time: The Essentials You Need for Your Next Car Camping Trip

Before your pack your bag though, consider these essentials for your next car camping trip:

Reusable water bottle

Never go thirsty with your trusty water bottle by your side. It may seem like an insignificant thing to bring, but trust us, the water bottle can be a lifesaver. Not only will you have a constant source of hydration, but you’ll be cutting down on a lot of plastic too.


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The cooler is crucial if you’re trying to keep the cold ones, well, cold. Drop your beer, meats, produce, and other groceries in this handy contraption to keep your food extra fresh (and beer extra cold!) for the night’s main course.

Sleeping bag

It’s a camping must. You need a good sleeping bag or air mattress to make sure stay relaxed during your trip. Throw in an extra blanket and pillow for maximum warmth and comfort.


fit male jogger headlamp shutterstock 578727097

It may seem silly for first-time campers, but headlamps are a basic necessity for camping. The outdoors gets pitch-dark at night, and these headlamps will do their job by allowing you to see what you’re doing. Lanterns can also be useful at your campsite.

Camping stove

One of the best parts of being outdoors is being able to cook your own food. With an open grill and the cold of the night around you, the camping stove is the perfect item to set the camping vibes.

First aid kit

This one’s obvious. In case of injury or illness, the first aid kit will be the first thing you’ll run to. Include bandages, disinfectants, anti-itch cream, painkillers, and other items to make sure you stay prepared for all kinds of situations.

Appropriate clothing

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You won’t have fun camping if you aren’t dressed for the occasion. A couple things that you should bring are leggings, long-sleeves, a windbreaker or puffy jacket/hoodie, and hiking shoes. These will make a difference!

Other camping essentials pertain to the little things, like a toiletries bag with mosquito repellant and lotion, or trash bags so you can clean as you go. Camping can be a really fun experience if you do it right!


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