Fabio Ide Reveals His Favorite Places In The Philippines

With his love for surfing, nature, and fresh air, Fabio Ide easily considers Siargao the place to be

A “Filipino by heart”, the Brazilian actor-model Fabio Ide considers the Philippines as his number one destination in the world.

The Happy Hotels brand ambassador describes the country as a paradise that has a lot to offer, from entertainment and delicious food to beautiful beaches where both locals and tourists can enjoy recreational activities.

“When I came here for the first time, this was like Brazil in Southeast Asia for me. A place where I could feel at home, I could understand a little bit of the language, I could appreciate the food, I could appreciate so many things,” he told FreebieMNL during the recent launch of Happy Hotels app.

Fabio Ide

With his fondness for beaches, the actor did not hesitate to put Siargao on top of the trips he would like to make using the newly-launched travel application Happy Hotels. 

“Siargao is really like picking my number one destination in the Philippines. Maybe relax a bit, surf. Surfing for me is like my yoga kinda thing. It’s the only time I don’t have my phone, I’m just relaxing–mother nature, fresh air.

“So, sana my first place is gonna be Siargao so I can surf and see my old local friends there,” he explained. 

Aside from the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Fabio shared that his next trip with Happy Hotels would probably be to Bohol, as he wants to see the beauty of the Chocolate Hills. 

Fabio Ide
PHOTO: fabioideofficial on Instagram

He also shared his personal recommendations for those who are looking for the perfect vacation destinations in the country. 

“If you love a place where you just wanna relax and snorkel, you can go to Palawan. If you wanna go to a place where you can party, speak a different language, meet different people from different parts of the world, you can go to Cebu.

“If you wanna relax and party also, meet different people, try different water sports as well, you can go to Boracay,” Fabio said. 

Fabio Ide
PHOTO: fabioideofficial on Instagram

As Fabio marks his 14th year of living in the Philippines, he is now starting to feel more at home here than in Brazil. Thus, he is incredibly happy and honored to represent the first Filipino-developed hotel aggregator booking app Happy Hotels.

Furthermore, he emphasized that it’s time for locals and tourists to make new memories and experiences using the Happy Hotels app, after all the travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I think we learned from the pandemic that life is really short talaga. So, everyday is a blessing and we just try to enjoy as much as we can, with using the app, aside of the promos, the discounts, and much more.”

Words Ria Javate
Banner Art Paulo Correa

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