Get Lost in Your Tabs – Literally

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, having dozens of tabs open and not knowing what to do with all of them probably sounds like a familiar situation. At some point, you might have even wished you were teleported to a different place every time you opened a new tab. Now that’s not impossible with the Tab with a View browser extension.

When flights were banned and the world was basically placed in lockdown, people were virtually exploring different parts of the world from the comfort of their homes via Google Street View and other similar applications. We’re all looking forward to the day we can start traveling again without all these restrictions but in the meantime, virtual tours would have to suffice.

With the extension installed, each new tab opened transports you to a random scenic destination around the world. The photos and videos shown are submitted by other users across the globe, so you’ll end up anywhere from Africa to America. Cue “mentally I’m here” posts.

The idea came to project founder, Rahul Sharma, back in 2017 as an archive of the best views around the world. In its initial stages, only a small circle of friends were using it as it was just for fun. Little did he know there was going to be a huge demand for it a few years later.

Other features of the extension include real-time COVID statistics of the state or country it takes you to, the distance from your current location, and the weather. It also provides flight information, visa requirements, and the option to save it to your travel list. These will come in handy for planning future trips, which is hopefully soon.

Tab with a View is available for download on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Take a quick break and see where it takes you.

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