How Some Countries are Implementing COVID Passports

As more people get the COVID-19 vaccine and borders start reopening, some countries have begun implementing vaccine passports. The COVID passport is a digital or paper document containing personal details, health records, and vaccination status required when traveling. Check the countries guidelines and restrictions if you plan on flying out soon.

How Some Countries are Implementing COVID Passports
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Member states of the European Union and Schengen Area countries have introduced the Digital Green Certificate to citizens. Fully vaccinated persons can avail the EU COVID-19 Vaccine Passport at no cost in the country where they received the vaccine. This document exempts those traveling within the EU from testing and quarantining.

England uses an NHS Covid Pass app, while France introduced its health pass for public venues, planes, and trains.


Australians can view their COVID-19 digital certificate through the Express Plus Medicare app. Fully vaccinated persons may use the certificate to travel domestically, according to Tourism Minister Dan Tehan.

United States

There isn’t a federally mandated vaccine passport in the United States, but some states have implemented localized vaccination apps. The Biden administration still has reservations about a vaccine passport due to security and privacy concerns.


Japan’s vaccine verification system will go digital later in the year, based on the EU’s vaccine passport. In addition to a unique QR code, the app includes PCR and antigen test results. For now, the country is issuing paper versions of COVID-19 vaccination certificates to citizens traveling abroad.


China issued a color-coded QR code system that prescribes a person’s mobility within the country. The green category allows people to move around more freely, whereas a yellow code requires a 7-day quarantine. Chinese nationals and foreigners in China may avail a digital health certificate, which doubles as a vaccine passport.

In the Philippines, establishments require individuals to fill out contact tracing forms or present a QR code upon entry. OFWs and those who need to travel abroad may apply for a WHO-accredited Yellow Card.

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