How to Travel Lighter with Minimalist Packing

Between lugging your heavy bags and having to pay for excess baggage fees, you curse yourself for being unable to pack lighter. Thinking about forgetting something you might need causes you anxiety, so you opt to overstuff your suitcase. The good news is there’s a way to narrow your things down, and it’s called minimalist packing. Here’s how to free up your luggage of any unnecessary items.

Pack with Intention

Cramming every item you ever own into a suitcase is one guaranteed way to fail with minimalist packing. Be intentional about the things you’re bringing on the trip and ask yourself whether you’ll actually use them. Having a checklist and laying the items out helps keep track of everything.

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Only Bring Essentials

Medicines are items you always want to have on hand, whereas toiletries can be left at home if you plan on staying at a hotel. As for clothing, opt for versatile pieces that you could pair with multiple outfits. Some of your accessories and gadgets can be left at home, too, since you could live a few days without them.

Choose Multipurpose Items

As a minimalist packer, everything that can be found in your suitcase must have a purpose. Bonus points if it’s a multipurpose item. Examples are moisturizer with SPF 50+, soap that can be used for the hair and body — those types of things. Not only are these items are space savers, but you’re also relieving yourself of the burden of carrying a heavy bag.

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Pair Down Clothes

Clothing tends to be the most common item to overpack because of the “just in case” mindset. The reality is you don’t need to bring 10 shirts for a 3-day trip. Pair down your outfits by choosing clothes that are solid or neutral-colored to make mix and matching easier. When it comes to shoes, bring a comfortable pair that can be dressed up or down.

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Minimalist packing could be challenging at first. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing this sooner.

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