This hostel in Zambales offers low monthly rates so you can work by the beach

First, it was a resort in Puerto Galera offering long-term stays, now it’s a hostel in Zambales! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles. Now, a lot of people are finding themselves stuck and working at home. If you’ve been missing the beach because of the never-ending community quarantine in the country, now’s your chance to book a long term stay by the beach! 

Homebase Hostel is a hostel slash surf camp in San Felipe, Zambales and they just recently announced that they’re offering long-term rates. Prices range from PHP 2,500 to PHP 5,000 a month. Throw in an additional PHP 1,000 and you have yourself month-long internet connection. The rates are inclusive of water and electricity.


San Felipe is also one of the best towns for surfing in Zambales. Since the quarantine classification in this province is now Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ), people who decide to stay in Homebase Hostel can try their hand at surfing if they haven’t yet.


To enter San Felipe, you must have travel authority from your LGU and a health certificate or recent swab / rapid test result. Message their Facebook account for more details. 


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