Travel YouTube Channels to Satisfy your Wanderlust at Home

Despite the easing of quarantine restrictions, it’s still best to save unnecessary travel for when the situation in the country gets better. While certain areas in the Philippines are opening up to tourists like Boracay and Ilocos Norte, not everyone can afford to undergo swab testing and certain travel requirements before going on a vacation. Besides, travel isn’t as accessible before because of the lack of transportation. 

For those who can’t travel just yet, here are some travel YouTube channels to subscribe to so you can satisfy your wanderlust at home. 

Lost LeBlanc

For those who’ve been dreaming of quitting their jobs and traveling the world, Lost LeBlanc is the travel channel for you because the Youtuber did exactly the same. 

Damon Dominique 

If you want to explore Europe, especially Paris, France, Damon Dominique is the one to check out. See how this American navigates his new life in Paris and Europe in general. For more of his travel content, you can check out his old channel Damon and Jo

Jordan Taylor 

Influenced by the books she’s read about faraway placed, Jordan Taylor is now living her dreams and is travelling the world. Check our her channel for places to look forward to in the future! 

Sorelle Amore

While Sorelle Amore’s content isn’t focused solely on travel, you’ll find a lot of videos of her adventures around the world as she’s a digital nomad. Aside from her amazing travel content, you’ll find videos that will inspire you to live better. 

Fearless and Far

For travel experiences that are unheard of, check out the Fearless and Far YouTube channel. You won’t find the usual tourist attractions here because this Youtuber seeks to bring you unique experiences that range from weird to wonderful, and sometimes both.

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

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