Argentina’s senate approves bill legalizing abortion

The decision of the senate of Argentina, homeland of Pope Francis and also considered a Catholic-majority country, to approve a bill legalizing abortion was considered a historic move and women’s group also beamed with joy.

After a 12-hour session, the senate voted 38-29 giving millions of women an access to legal terminations under a new law supported by President Alberto Fernández.

The law will legalize abortion for pregnancies up to 14 weeks, in cases of rape and if the pregnancy endangers the life or health of a woman. Other cause for abortion is deemed illegal and is punishable by up to 15 years in jail by law.

This move is a victory to women who has appealed for years to approve the said law and would help lessen underground abortions.

Other Latin American countries that have legalized abortion are Uruguay, Mexico City, and Cuba.

Banner image from CNN

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