Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul Get Into a Scuffle at Promotional Press Conference

In a shocking, yet not so shocking turn of events, championship boxer Floyd Mayweather and Youtuber/social media star Jake Paul had a show of hands at the former’s press conference last week.

Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul Get Into a Scuffle at Promotional Press Conference
Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul at their promotional press conference in Miami, Florida
Photo from Marta Lavandier/AP

The press conference, meant to promote the fight between Mayweather and Logan Paul, erupted into chaos after Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, snatched Mayweather’s cap and ran off with it.

This caused Mayweather’s security to roughly handle the Paul brother and eventually give him a black eye, an action that many onlookers thought he deserved.

Floyd Mayweather after Jake Paul snatched his hat
Photo from Marta Lavandier/AP

In videos taken of the event, Mayweather could be heard shouting, “I’ll kill you mother—-er!” while security from both camps tried to stop the altercation.

According to Jake, it was his plan all along to pull the prank. In a TikTok posted before the scuffle, he told fans that he planned to steal Mayweather’s hat. “I’ll let you know how it goes,” he said before showing footage of the moment and the frenzy that occurred after.

Jake has since gotten a tattoo that says “gotcha hat” and changed his Twitter name to “GOTCHA HAT.”

Mayweather, on the other hand, did not take the prank lightly. “It’s one thing to sell a fight, and people can say what they want, but one thing no one is going to do, is disrespect me,” he said following the incident.

The 43-year-old is widely known as a boxing veteran, carrying a 50-0 record against fellow venerable boxers Oscar de la Hoya, Manny Pacquiao, and Miguel Cotto.

Meanwhile, Paul touts a 3-0 record with impressive wins against NBA star Nate Robinson and UFC fighter Ben Askren. Logan is 0-1 in his boxing career, losing to YouTube star KSI in a split decision.

Logan Paul has since said that he wished the prank never happened. “I wished it was staged. That s–t is not funny. It’s not fun for anyone,” he told TMZ Sports. “That s—t just got personal. It was supposed to be a cute little press conference, come together, get people excited for the fight, not people talking about killing people. What the f—k.”

You can catch the Mayweather vs. Paul special exhibition match on June 6 on Showtime PPV. The fight will take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.


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