Funniest Tweets On The Lacson-Moreno-Gonzales Joint Press Conference

Netizens of different political colors had a field day with that one.

On April 17, 2022, several presidentiables and their running mates held a joint press conference at the Peninsula Manila Hotel. We gathered the funniest tweets about it. Take a look.

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso called on Vice President Leni Robredo to withdraw, a statement echoed by others on the panel. Aside from Domagoso, candidates Norberto Gonzales, Ping Lacson, and senator Tito Sotto were also there.

The whole thing didn’t sit well with people, Kakampink or not. Some of Domagos’s supporters reportedly switched candidates after they found out what he did and said that day. Long story short, lots to say and lots to digest.

The shade is real!

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1. How low can you go?

2. A one-word response.

3. And they say women are emotional.

4. The cards were not in their favor.

5. Okay science, we see you.

6. Amen.

7. #OpenTheSchools

8. Now THATS fetch.

9. She withdrew!

10. TikTok’s favorite Mama.

11. Show ’em!

12. Chile, let me stay silent.

13. Crybaby!

14. Nu-uh!

What did you think about the the Lacson-Moreno-Gonzales joint press conference? What do you think were the funniest tweets about it? Let us know on Facebook!

Feature Image Macky Arquilla

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