Parokya Ni Edgar Asks Help as Guitarist Gab Chee Kee Battles Lymphoma

Vocalist Chito Miranda gives details on the heartbreaking news

Parokya ni Edgar guitarist Gabriel “Gab” Chee Kee needs help as he battles lymphoma.

Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda reveals the heartbreaking news about Gab Chee Kee on January 18.

Miranda mentions that their bandmate, who they call the “heart of the band,” is currently undergoing treatment.

“Gabriel was diagnosed with lymphoma late last year, and has been undergoing chemotherapy for the past few months,” Miranda writes on Facebook.

Lymphoma is a cancer that begins in cells of the lymphatic system.

Due to the complications of his condition, Chee Kee has unfortunately acquired pneumonia.

Miranda adds that Chee Kee was transferred to the intensive care unit and has been intubated for over a week.

In his post, Miranda opens up his bandmate’s condition to the public and asks for help the public. Although financially prepared with chemotherapy, they need aid for the overwhelming hospital bills.

Miranda says, “Initially, ayaw pa rin sana ni Gab ipaalam sa lahat kasi ayaw nya talaga makaabala sa iba…but because of the situation, his partner, Kha, and his brother, Raoul, convinced Gab to allow us to inform everyone, because it would be easier for everyone to ask for assistance if the people who loved him knew what was really going on.”

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No one gets left behind in Parokya band

In the post, Miranda narrates his relationship with Chee Kee, being best of friends since high schoo and the first person to jam with before deciding to form a band.

He says, “Bestfriend ko si Gab mula 1st year highschool, and sya lang yung palagi kong ka-jamming bago pa naming ma-isipan mag-buo ng banda…at kahit nung naging Parokya na kami, si Gab pa rin yung sinusundan ko whenever we perform live.”

Miranda also shares his relationship with Chee Kee in terms of work: “Gitara yung sinasabayan ko tuwing gig, sa kanya ko kinukuha yung tono, at sa kanya ko din tinatanong kung nasa tono ba ako o wala.”

Even when diagnosed with lymphoma, Chee Kee continued playing with the band until his doctor his advised him to stop playing.

Parokya ni Edgar did not want to play anymore but then, Chee Kee asked them to continue playing even without him. Soon after, he had pneumonia.

Friends of Parokya Ni Edgar continues to help

Miranda also thanks people, especially their friends from the industry, who extended their help to Chee Kee. These include artists like Ebe Dancel, Kamikazee, Gloc-9, and Shanti Dope.  

Dancel, who will be hosting a celebration for Sugarfree’s iconic album called “Sa Wakas,” also extended the number of tickets sold to help with Gab’s hospital bills.

For donations, refer to the accounts below:

Account Number: 2816006235
Account Name: Gabriel Ignatius Chee Kee

Username: @chitomirandajr
Account Name: Alfonso Miranda

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