How Our Priorities Changed in These COVID-19 Times

When the first stay-at-home order was given, everyone scrambled to do what they could to adjust to what everyday life was going to be like in a pandemic. From shifts in how to go about one’s day and accomplish usual tasks to the looming uncertainty regarding the state of our country, many changes brought on by COVID have forced us to take a step back and rethink our priorities.

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Everyone is prioritizing their health, coupled with being aware of the current political landscape. These are, after all, two things we should be caring about in these trying times. However, a shift in what we are starting to prioritize more is obviously also happening in other parts of our lives. While these things are far from new priorities, they’ve definitely been made stronger in these times.

Making Extra Effort in Our Relationships

With the question of when we’ll get to see our loved ones again still unanswered, making it a priority to put in the extra effort to show affection and connect is needed more than ever. From sending each other packages via Grab Delivery to scheduling Netflix watch parties and video calls with friends and family, people are doing whatever they can to make up for the distance. Making the conscious and active choice every day to do something to show someone you care and that you’re present has become so much more important these past few months.

Taking A Good Look At Our Mental Health

With the pandemic, more people have realized how your mental health can affect you and how vital it is to look out for it. We have been put in this weird situation where we both feel isolated from the world because of the lockdown and overwhelmed from everything that’s going on around us. To say that the combination of our personal struggles and living through a worldwide pandemic is a lot to handle is, well, an understatement. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more people are becoming much more attentive to how their – and their loved ones’ – mental health is faring.

A Stronger Focus on Community

Filipinos have always had a sense of community, so prioritizing that is not exactly anything new. That being said, it is fair to say that this has been amplified by the difficult times that we are living in today. From joining protests in order to fight for each other’s rights and supporting volunteer initiatives to running errands for higher-risk neighbors, the different ways through which Filipinos are showing up for their community are not going unnoticed.

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