How to Safely Dine Out During the Pandemic

After spending several months at home, you can’t blame people for wanting to go out, have a meal, and socialize with others. And now that the country allows dining out at food establishments again, the least people can do is follow these guidelines on how to safely dine out during the pandemic.

Wear Your Mask

This should have to go without saying that you should wear your mask even when you’re seated and waiting for your order. The only acceptable time to remove them is when you’re about to eat or drink. Accessories like a face mask chain or face mask holder come in handy for situations like this.

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Fill out Forms

Most establishments will have a scannable QR code where you can fill up your information. If not, they’ll usually have paper forms or a logbook. Sanitize the pen they provide or use your own if you have one with you. Be sure to fill in the correct information to make it easier for contact tracing.

Disinfect and Sanitize

Avoid touching items that may not be sanitized like menus, touch screens, and other high-touch surfaces. Always carry alcohol-based sanitizer so you can disinfect your hands and the surfaces you touch. It should already be common practice to wash your hands before and after you eat.

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Bring Your Own Utensils

Restaurants may give you single-use containers for your food and drink, but you can still use your own utensils. This is an extra precaution for your safety and a way to help save the environment. At least that’s one less item that will just end up in the landfill.

Contactless Payment

Choosing a payment method that limits contact with others is preferred. Paying with your card is the next best option because they are easier to sanitize compared to cash. Even after the pandemic, consumers will continue making cashless payments.

Eat at an Open Space

A new study published in The Lancet found there’s a higher chance of transmitting the virus indoors than outdoors. Either order the food for takeout and find an open space to enjoy your meal or choose an establishment that offers al fresco dining that has tables 6 feet apart.  

If you’re already feeling unwell, be a responsible citizen and stay at home. It’s not only your life that you’re putting at risk, but also those with who you’ll come in contact.


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