NASA Names The Next Four Astronauts To Fly To The Moon

Here’s to another huge leap for humanity!

NASA recently announced the astronauts who will be flying to the moon on the agency’s Artemis II program. The said program aims to land the first woman and the first person of color on the lunar surface. They will also establish sustainable exploration and utilization of the moon.

Photo by NASA

The team of astronauts selected for the mission includes Kayla Barron, Matthew Dominick, and Raja Chari. They were part of the 2017 astronaut candidate class. The fourth member, Jessica Watkins, was part of the 2013 class. All four astronauts have completed extensive training and experience in various spaceflight aspects.

NASA Administrator, Bill Nelson, expressed his confidence in the selected astronauts. He says that the team members are “the best of the best.”

Nelson also emphasized the significance of the upcoming mission. He shares that the mission “will take humanity back to the moon for this first time in over 50 years.”

The Artemis program aims to establish a sustainable presence on the moon by 2024. The upcoming mission will be a critical step toward achieving that goal.

The team of astronauts will play a crucial role in the mission’s success. They will conduct research, test new technologies, and preparing the lunar surface for future exploration.

It is no secret that the world awaits the next step in space exploration. With that, the Artemis II program will offer hope for a bright future in space discovery.

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