McDonald’s Dancers Hype Up BTS Meal

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Whether you’re not part of the BTS Army, it looks like their collaboration with fast food chain giant McDonald’s is a bonafide hit! The BTS meal has been getting all the buzz on social media, with faithful ARMY members proudly supporting their biases. A lot of curious netizens have jumped on the hype train as well, trying the meal for themselves.

Well, to hype up the special meal further, McDonald’s talented crew from across the country who have been sharing videos of themselves dancing to BTS hits.

The dance crews have generated a lot of views and interactions online. Watch the medley video for yourself for some good vibes, and to possibly inspire you to head to your nearest McDonald’s branch today. 

It’s not just dance crews that have joined in on the hype. Uptown Bonifacio’s mall fountain has been modified to dance to the rhythm of BTS’s latest hit, Butter.

What’s in the viral BTS meal anyway? Basically, this limited edition McDonald’s meal features 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a drink and two dipping sauces chosen by the band: sweet chili and cajun. They’re packaged in special BTS branding, which is why a lot of ARMY members have kept the packaging as keepsakes. 

Well, love them or hate them, it looks like the BTS hype isn’t going anywhere, and the ARMY has serious spending power. Everything the Korean mega-boyband touches turns into gold (in this case, golden arches). It’s nice to see people have some fun, and enjoy the things they love amid the ongoing pandemic.


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